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The payment termes we accept at present as belows:



Dear Customer,
Thank you very much for your recognition and support of our products.
You come to this page to show that you are in love with our products, follow your heart, do not miss the good.
We have multiple payment methods. Please choose the method that suits you best.

First: International Bank Transfer.

If you want pay by International Bank Transfer, we will send you the International Bank Transfer information. Then you can do online or go to the bank make payment.

Second: Western Union and MoneyGram

Western Union and MoneyGram are popular payment methods worldwide. Western Union payments are available in almost every country.
If you want to use Western Union (MoneyGram) payment, I will send you our Western Union (MoneyGram) payment information.
You only need to log in to the official website: or the Western Union App to complete the payment online. Of course, you can also pay at a nearby Western Union point.

If you complete the payment remember to send us MTCN. This is very important, very important, very important.

Third: XOOM

Xoom is a product of PayPal. It is very safe and reliable.

You can operate the payment directly online, it is very convenient, and it only takes 2 minutes to complete the payment.

You only need to log in to or Xoom App; then fill in the bank payment information we give you; then fill in your payment bank information to complete the payment.

Fourth: Private Bank Transfer

If you want pay by Private Bank Transfer, we will send you the Private Bank Transfer information. Then you can do online or go to the bank make payment.

Fifth: Transferwise

Transferwise payment is also very simple and convenient.
You can complete the payment directly on the official website: or APP using the payment information we send you.
It only takes 4 steps.


Sixth: Other ways

Of course, we can also provide different payment methods according to customers in different countries. Like PayNow in Singapore, etc.​​​​​​​

We are a formal and powerful jewelry company with our own jewelry factory. We hope to establish a long-term relationship with you, so even if you need to pay 3% tax, we also hope that you can pay through our company's international bank account.
Of course, if you trust us enough, XOOM and Western Union are the best choices.