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About Dido Factory

About Dido Jewelry:
    There is no difference between genuine and non-genuine jewelry. Because they are real gold and real diamonds, and the real gold and real diamonds in the world are the same, not to mention that the counter gold is different from other gold. It's all the same. The only difference is that authenticity must pay for brand value, store counter costs, labor costs and publicity costs.

  Dido factory focuses on the industry's best quality, material, version, size, weight, diamond size, strict 1:1 cloning, and never cut corners.
   Dido has many years of professional jewelry customization experience. We bought an authentic one-to-one mold and then re-engraved it. Due to Dido's focus, we are skilled and professional.
    The customization of luxury jewelry also depends on quality. Different factories make different things. Many sellers are greedy and cheap. The cooperative factory is a family-style private workshop without even decent equipment. , Don’t talk about 1:1 perfect replication.
    As we all know, Shenzhen is a world-renowned diamond processing base. However, not every factory's technology and equipment can reach the highest level. There are many small factories without advanced equipment and technology. Hire some goldsmiths who have studied for several months to dare to open factories. If you want to make ordinary goldware, there is no problem with jewelry, but what we have to do is to re-engrave big brands, which requires 1:1. If the finished product is very different from the big brand, it will lose the meaning of custom jewelry. Dido guarantees that it will not use recycled gold and K gold with insufficient purity for cheap, and Dido will not just look at the drawings to imitate. What is produced in this way cannot be compared with the counter.
    Based on industry, technology, quality, integrity and completeness are essential.
Dido Jewelry is looking forward to your first cooperation!

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